40 families disappear into oblivion in the Irish Wilderness of Missouri.

Andy Winnegar

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The hills and forests of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways area invite the hiker. The park only maintains a few trails, we hope to increase the number in the future. In addition, all dirt roads and old traces are open to hiking, and except for occasional horseback riders, there won't be much traffic.

Bald Eagle, Elk, Black Bear, Coyote, Bob Cat, and countless small game are found in the Missouri Ozarks

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Spring Branch Trail:1 mile round trip. This short rocky (in some sections) trail connects Big Spring to the Historic Dining Lodge built by the “CCC boys.” The trail lies at the base of the limestone cliff from which Big Spring emerges, loops around the spring, then follows the spring branch as it delivers 280 million gallons of crystal clear water into the Current River. Spring wildflowers, lichens, mosses, and ferns cling to the cliff-side. It intersects the Stone Ridge Trail before crossing the paved road then proceeds south to the Dining Lodge.